Should the fine for taking children out of school during term time be means tested?

Foreign Secretary visits Chevening Branch Garden Party

Chevening Branch held a Garden Party today which was attended by some 60 members and their guests. The two Guests of Honour were the Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP, and Rt Hon. Sir Michael Fallon MP, both of whom took the opportunity to address the guests during the lunch.


Are local libraries still a valuable and viable resource?


Is the impact on local infrastructure considered enough before new housing developments are started?

The approach should be to think of building communities, sustainable communities, not just houses.

Liz Truss MP has dinner with Sevenoaks' Members

Liz Truss was given a heartfelt welcome at our annual dinner in the country setting of Hadlow Manor on the first Friday in July.  The weather was perfect for an enjoyable evening starting with drinks and lots of chat on the terrace.  After a delicious dinner, Liz spoke.


It's OK to be gay - but at what age should our kids be taught that in school?