The Supper Club

Welcome to the home page of the Sevenoaks Conservative Supper Club


The Supper club is a meeting of like-minded individuals who come together once a month.

It normally meets on the first Friday of the month at premises in or near Sevenoaks, starting at 7.00 pm for a meal at 7:30 pm, followed by a talk or other entertainment.  Members are encouraged to bring their friends as guests.


Topics range from the seriously political to the decidedly frivolous, with many opportunities for questions and comment from members.


Members receive advance details of each meeting and, in order to give the caterers adequate notice, are expected to make their menu choices by the Sunday before the meeting.  The cost of the evening, normally £20 each, is payable on arrival, but the Club reserves the right to charge for any cancellations made after the previous Sunday.

The email address for booking is

The annual subscription is £12.50 a member.


If you are interested in joining the Supper Club, please contact the membership secretary Caroline Julius at