The Supper Club

The Sevenoaks Supper Club (the Club) is a friendly social group with close connections to the Sevenoaks Conservative Association.

The Club typically convenes on the first Friday of every month at a location either in or close to Sevenoaks. The evening usually begins with a gathering at 7 pm, supper at 7:30 pm, followed by an engaging talk. Speakers cover a wide range of topics, from the solemn to the light-hearted, providing members with ample opportunities to ask questions and share their thoughts.

A flyer is sent out to inform members about each upcoming Supper. It is highly recommended that members respond as soon as possible to enable the Club to give the caterers sufficient notice about the expected number of attendees. Members are kindly asked to make their bookings before midday on the Monday before the Supper. During the booking process, members will be required to select their preferred menu option, as outlined in the flyer. Payment options are also outlined in the flyer.  

Members are encouraged to bring their friends as guests, with the aim of persuading the friends to join the club.

The Club Committee Members are:

      Chairman                            Avril Hunter                                      

      Treasurer                           Paul Julius

      Members                           Caroline Julius, Dee Morris, Michael Harwood, Wendy Young


All members can be contacted using the email address:

For our current schedule of events see the attachment



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