Fighting for Swanley



Sevenoaks Conservative Chairman Graham Clack (second left) out on the campaign trail for the Swanley Town Council Whiteoak by-election with candidate Paul Darrington (left), County Councillor Michael Horwood and Sevenoaks District and Swanley Town Councillor Nina Scott.

Paul Darrington:candidate for Whiteoak By-election 2.3.17

Paul Darrington is the Conservative candidate for the Whiteoak By-election for Swanley Town Council. Paul and his family have lived in Swanley for 40 years and he is very keen to work to keep the Green Belt surrounding the town and to keep the recreation ground from inappropriate development.

Kemsing Curry Night

An extremely enjoyable evening was had by all at the recent Curry Night hosted by the Kemsing Branch
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350,000 more people in work

Between June and September this year unemployment fell by 37,000 and since last year 350,000 more people now have a full time job.

UK GDP growth

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that between July and September 2016, the British economy grew by 0.5%, meaning our economy has grown by over 1

Heathrow decision: Britain is open for business

Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling today announced that a decision has been taken to expand Heathrow by building a third runway."Britain is open for business.