Talking Point: What should take priority, more parking facilities or better public transport?

Demand for parking in Sevenoaks is at an all time high, reflecting the vibrancy of our High Street, not to mention the four year freeze on charges in our town centre car parks. That’s why Conservative-led Sevenoaks District Council is investing in our town by providing around 200 extra spaces at what is soon to be reopened as the ‘Sevenoaks Town Car Park’.

But better parking facilities aren't just about supporting our local economy. They reduce congestion and improve air quality too – cutting out the need to drive around hunting for a space. 

The improvements aren’t limited to parking. Bus companies like Arriva have been experimenting with new services which take one straight from home to destination, more akin to a pooled taxi. Meanwhile local firm, Go Coach, chose Sevenoaks to trial their first electric bus. And although our local rail service is by no means perfect, it is yet another reason so many people choose to live in and around this great town.  

The interesting thing is, public transport is about more than traditional mass transit. Whilst driving will be here to stay for the comfort, convenience and control so many enjoy, there is a cheaper, greener alternative to car ownership which is already popular with hundreds of thousands across the country. That’s why we’re working on bringing a car club to Sevenoaks, specialising in electric vehicles and giving the best of both worlds.  

So, parking versus public transport? That’s like apples or pears. Neither is better, it’s just a matter of choice, and we can have them both!