Members, Councillors, Association officers and a Government Minister came together for the Chevening Annual Garden Party in Mr Bruce Walker’s beautiful garden in Sundridge on Sunday, 23rd July.   

The event was a great example of local members and councillors working together with representatives from Westminster and those present enjoyed a delicious Summer lunch followed by an array of homemade desserts all washed down by fine wines and fruit juices.     

We were delighted to welcome the recently re-elected Member of Parliament for Bexleyheath and Crayford, David Evennett MP, who increased his vote share to 55.6% at the General Election last month and also Lady Wendy Fallon, in place of the Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP.

David gave a very entertaining and insightful speech both into his role as a Government whip but also that of Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury; both important areas of Government not normally touched upon by our guest speakers.   Taking questions from every table, David also outlined why it is only a Conservative government under-pinned by sound economic management, that will deliver jobs and opportunities, a properly funded health service, higher standards in schools, decent public services and, of course, a strong stance on defence.  The alternative under Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry would be a set of policies more damaging then those ever put forward by an opposition party.  More debt then the next generation could ever pay back, more taxes on both income and property and less freedom for both individuals and businesses, not to mention an uncertain future regarding our nuclear deterrent.  On the question of who will succeed the Prime Minister, David pointed out that there is an array of talent in the Conservative Party but that the best person to lead the UK out of Europe and deliver a good deal on Brexit is the current PM, Teresa May.   

The event which also doubled as Chevening Conservatives annual fund-raiser made in excess of £1,050 with the raffle alone raising £315!   There were very nice prizes and we were grateful that our guest speaker, David Evennett, who drew the numbers was well experienced and called the numbers in quick succession, otherwise we could have been there for hours!

Finally, huge thanks must go to the enormous efforts and various contributions from all of the committee and their families, whether it was lunch dishes, raffle prizes, putting up the marquees or   bringing guests: everything went to making the day a success.

The aim was to enjoy ourselves, to learn more about the workings of Government from our fabulous guest speaker and to raise money, and that we did.

Cllr Anna Firth

On behalf of the Chairman, Mr Robert Bright M.B.E