Margaret Crabtree

Margaret was re-elected as a Kent  County Councillor for Sevenoaks Town on 4 May 2017.

She has lived and worked in Sevenoaks since 1983, having  serving on the Town Council for 12 years, and twice been the Sevenoaks Town Mayor and, four years ago, was elected as the Kent County Council member for Sevenoaks Central.

Having been both (in the past) a Town Councillor, and now a County Councillor,  Margaret believes it has given her a great understanding of the issues facing the town of Sevenoaks and a true appreciation of the numerous and diverse organisations (businesses, residents associations, charities and societies) and the people who work in them, many of whom she had been pleased to meet and whom she believes work so diligently in the interests of the Sevenoaks.

Margaret has found representing Sevenoaks Town an enlightening and rewarding experience, particularly working with local organisations and people.