Talking Point: With Brexit dominating the political Agenda, what other issues need to be addressed urgently in 2019?

I am a doer who loves a challenge and passionately believe in our local community and how we can help and support each other. We cannot allow things to slip during a national crisis when too often resources and minds are being diverted elsewhere.

Everyday needs of housing, health, education, food and family should not be pushed to the background but be nurtured, developed and supported.  Your Conservative-led District Council are addressing all of the above issues by formulating and delivering well-structured and robust local plans for our community.  Whether it is in developing new affordable housing, adapting homes to enable people to stay in their own homes longer or supporting schemes that help to combat loneliness, your Conservative-led council is leading the way.

Wellbeing starts at home; help us work towards making sure everyone has one.

Communities also need access to outside recreation which is why your local Conservative council are actively supporting the development, maintenance and creation of outdoor gyms, parks, play areas and other green spaces. The importance of local sustainable transport services is also supported including bus routes, promoting footpaths and car sharing.

Let’s not forget the work of the voluntary sector who undertake much support and insight throughout the community. Where would we be without them?

Loneliness is a major and often hidden issue which is why new initiatives set up and run by volunteers to combat it are so important.  I myself help set up and run Every Step Counts, an entirely FREE new, gentle wellbeing walking group, run entirely by volunteers, that is growing from strength to strength in Sevenoaks.  We have 5 walks established every week and a sixth at Greatness Recreation Ground, Mill Lane,  Sevenoaks is being launched TODAY at 2 pm.  Do please try and come and take your first steps towards a fitter, healthier, happier you!