Sir Michael Fallon addresses the Sevenoaks Conservatives AGM

Sir Michael Fallon attended the Sevenoaks Conservatives AGM on 31 March 2017.

He gave a wide ranging speech on national. international and local topics. He stressed partnership with Europe continues to be important and that the Brexit negotiation is a two year process, so we mustn't overreact to early comments as the EU sets out its negotiating position.

He talked about his portfolio of Defence and that the budget, over the course of this parliament, is set to rise £1b annually and will stand at £40b by 2020.

He discussed the issues and concerns caused by Russia and how matters had changed since the takeover of the Crimea since 2014.  He stated that whilst we were talking to Russia, we mustn't be under any illusions and that our approach must be "engage but beware"

Locally, Sir Michael said that youth unemployment was "minimal" and that unemployment for all adults in the constituency was at a record low.

He thanked the Association for its "unfailing support" and its understanding where its local MP was also a minister. 

Sir Michael took several questions,and in answer to one on North Korea, he stated that it was indeed a problem area and that we had to work with the Americans and the Chinese to influence the situation.