It's OK to be gay - but at what age should our kids be taught that in school?


Leadership front-runner Boris Johnson popped in to Sevenoaks this morning (1st July) to meet local conservative members and to outline his plans for defence should be become PM later this month.

New Member Mixer

Over 50 people attended our New Member Mixer event at The Bullfinch Pub, Riverhead, on Thursday. The gathered throng enjoyed a glass of something appropriate and a chat with Priti Patel, MP.

From Trotsky to Tory: one man's story of his personal political journey

On Friday 26 April, St Luke's Church hall in Eardley Road was filled with people eager to eat, drink and be entertained by Cllr Graham Clack as he recounted his personal journey from young Trotsky to grown up Tory. After a delicious fork supper beautifully prepared by Vivien Nix and Barbara Reade, Graham’s talk resonated with everyone by being funny, emotional, inspiring and educational. It was hugely enjoyed by all!

Joyce Course, obituary & funeral details

Kemsing mourns the death of Joyce Course who was an active member of the Sevenoaks Conservative Association and a former vice-president. Joyce's funeral Service will be at Holy Trinity Church, Otford at 10.00 am Tuesday 7th May.