Local News

Michael Fallon MP

Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP selected as The Spectator Minister of the Year

Brandon Lewis MP, launches Portas Bus

Brandon Lewis MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and Councillor Richard Parry,at the launch of the Sevenoaks Town Council's Portas Bus on Saturday morning.    

Let Britain Decide

A new National Campaign has been launched called Let Britain Decide.

Baroness Thatcher RIP

A BRILLIANT FUNERAL ORGANISED BY A BRILLIANT PRIME MINISTERMargaret Thatcher’s funeral 17th April 2013Spectacular, patriotic and totally British, yet also profoundly moving and personal:  this was the funeral that Margaret Thatcher planned and, with the help of the British military, it was a magnificent and fitting tribute to a great Prime Minister and an extraordinary woman.   

Autumn Party

Sevenoaks Conservatives held a very successful Autumn Party on Sunday October 21 at the Plaza Suite, Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks.