Sevenoaks Conservative Policy Forum on The Post-Brexit Economy

Friday, 24th May 2019
7.30 - 9.30pm

Following our meeting, an anonymised summary of the discussion will be sent to CCHQ, our MP (Sir Michael Fallon MP), and our constituency Chairman (Anna Firth) and Management Team.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can provide your comments via email to:

About CPF

With almost 250 active CPF groups across the country and strong professional support from CCHQ, the CPF has a vital role at the heart of the Conservative Party – with a direct line to the minister for government policy, its members have a real say in the direction our Party is taking.

CPF members played an important role during the 2017 general election, providing a number of contributions towards the manifesto we were elected on; the work of its members in our target seats made a real difference to the outcome.

As we implement our Conservative manifesto and start formulating our vision for 2022, it is as important as ever we demonstrate how only the Conservatives will make the difficult decisions needed to secure a better and brighter future for Britain.

Daniel Rossall Valentine is the Chairman of this group, which exists to discuss topics put forward by CCHQ

Through the CPF, the Party is kept informed of members’ opinions when deciding policy

The more members who attend, the more influence on policy our association has – so please do come and listen to the arguments and air your views.  All SCA members are automatically eligible to join the discussion.