Crime and Police

The interactive maps open the door on crime & police information.

The government’s website has provided maps that show crime and anti-social behaviour at a street by street level right in our neighbourhoods.

This means you can see exactly what crime is happening and where – right down to the level of your street corner. If you have concerns about the crime you see or how issues are dealt with, you can raise them with the police.

Crimes can be viewed including burglary, violence and anti-social behaviour in a particular area by using a simple postcode search. There are also details about neighbourhood policing team and information about regular beat meetings.

Under Labour the police were directed by Whitehall diktat. The police spent their time chasing centrally-defined targets and not responding to the needs of the local communities they were supposed to be serving. A recent report by the police inspectorate showed that only eleven per cent of police officers were visible and available to the general public at any one time.

The government is introducing a series of measures as part of our plan to fight crime:

  • Slashing bureaucracy – steps already taken to save up to 800,000 hours of police time by scrapping the stop form and limiting stop and search reporting
  • Removing all targets and setting the police just one goal: to cut crime
  • Introducing directly-elected Police and Crime Commissioners to ensure that police forces respond to the needs of local communities
  • Providing transparent information so local communities really know about crime in their area.

These crime maps which will reconnect the police and communities through the power of information are just the start. It’s clear that this sort of transparent information is very popular.

England and Wales are world leaders in providing this sort of data.  The Conservatives want to build on this by working with the police and with you to explore how we can go further and faster and drive forward even greater transparency across crime, policing and justice.